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Lease Returns

Let Stone Mountain Toyota Help You with Your Toyota Lease Return

Is it time to turn in your leased Toyota Camry, Highlander or RAV4? Not sure what to do next? Stone Mountain Toyota is here to help, whether you leased your Toyota vehicle from us, or another dealership. Proud to serve the greater Atlanta area, please stop by our Lilburn, GA dealership to learn more!

At Stone Mountain, we're experts at handling lease returns and we can help you decide what to do next. Basically, you have three options:


Option 1:

Return your leased vehicle and buy or lease a new one

This is the most popular choice. People like to lease vehicles because it allows them to get a new vehicle every few years with minimal hassle. Whether your leased your Toyota from us or another dealer, we can handle the return, and Stone Mountain has a full inventory of new Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs in stock. Toyota is also offering special incentives, including finance and lease deals, right now on many models.

Option 2:

Turn in your leased Toyota and walk away

While not the typical first choice, this is another benefit of leasing a vehicle. At the end of the lease you can turn it in and walk away. It could be your life circumstances have changed and you no longer need a car, or you may just want to try a different make and model. 

Regardless, you can turn in your Toyota at Stone Mountain. We'll take care of all the paper work, but you will be responsible for: 

  • Outstanding payments
  • Excessive Miles
  • Excess wear and use
  • Other End-of-Term Obligations

Option 3:

Purchase your leased Toyota

Because Toyota vehicles are legendary for their reliability, quality, comfort and value, chances are you may have fallen in love with your particular leased Toyota vehicle. We understand, and can arrange for you to purchase your Toyota off-lease. In many cases, the purchase price may be less than the book value of the vehicle, meaning it will cost you less to buy your own Toyota off-lease than to buy a similar used model from another seller. 


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  • Contact Us: (855) 599-2610
  • Service: (855) 597-2553
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